Advice for the Modern Woman Seeking a Career Change

It’s not always simple to just go for your dream job, especially with the unique challenges that women face in the workplace. From being overlooked for promotions and getting paid less money on the dollar than men, it’s safe to say being a working woman isn’t easy. Even though these facts can be discouraging, it is important that you still try to break through that glass ceiling and go for the career you want. Here are a few suggestions to help you along the way!

Bulk up your resume

When it comes to listing skills and accomplishments, women have the tendency to downplay their work, which can lessen the impact their resume has on hiring managers. Listen, if there is any time where you should toot your own horn, it is now! This doesn’t mean that you should exaggerate or embellish your skills; however, you should not understate your work experience either. Before you start writing your resume, outline all the details of your work history. As you list each position you’ve had, write down the qualifications you have and what accomplishments you achieved while working there. Be sure to have a clear objective, relative to the position that you are applying for to stand out amongst the dozens of other resumes that have been received by hiring managers. Your resume should list your qualifications in a simple format because elaborate formats can be distracting, which harms your chances of landing the job. Also, remember to check for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting your resume. The length of a resume is a topic that has been up for debate for quite some time, but typically, your resume should not be longer than 2 pages. Hiring managers only spend a few seconds looking over resumes so just be sure that yours includes the key elements: contact information, overall objective, skills and abilities, work experience, professional memberships, education and references.


Keep an eye out for bad company culture toward women

Company culture is the personality of the company that defines the environment in which employees work. Great company culture should be important to you because you are more likely to be happy and enjoy your time at work if your values are consistent with those in the company.You will also be more productive and develop better relationships with coworkers. When you are applying for a new position keep an eye out for any red flags regarding company culture toward women. Notice if any women have executive positions within the company. Also look for social interactiveness between male and female coworkers. Does the company have a team environment or does everyone seem to be out for themselves? If you notice any of these red flags, check in with yourself to evaluate if this is the right environment for you to be able to thrive in.


Create a financial pillow in case of a gap between opportunities

As nice as it would be to land your dream job at the drop of a hat, sometimes the hunt may take longer than expected. If you are currently in between jobs or looking to make some extra cash in addition to your existing job, take advantage of the sharing economy and create a weekend opportunity for yourself. If you love children take a few hours out of your weekend to babysit for your neighbors or good friends. You could also make a few extra bucks by providing housekeeping services to those who need it. Having a few odd jobs while searching for your dream job is a great way to stay afloat and avoid any financial mishaps.

Seeking a career change may seem stressful, but it’s important that you remember to relax, have fun and let your accomplishments speak. Trying to move up in the workplace as a woman is hard, but no matter what, you must be persistent in moving forward until you receive the results you desire!


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