Microsoft’s Shift Away from Office 365 Simplifies Solutions for Customers

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Technology is constantly evolving and it’s difficult to keep up with the changes which can be detrimental to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), particularly if they don’t have an in-house IT function. Technology is the backbone of any business without which SMBs would be left behind in a competitive environment. As complicated as technology can be, Microsoft is constantly innovating to meet the demands of its customer base to simplify business operations and processes allowing SMBs to become more competitive.

OnPar Technologies is one of the top tech companies in Raleigh and offers some insights into the world of Microsoft 365.

Office 365 is now Microsoft 365

Microsoft recently changed the name of its flagship product from Office 365 to Microsoft 365. According to Microsoft, the name change was a part of natural evolution which began in 2017 as an enterprise offering that contained a combination of Windows, Office, and Enterprise Mobility and Security. According to Microsoft 365 corporate vice president Jared Spataro, “For small and medium-sized businesses, Microsoft 365 includes new capabilities in Microsoft Teams to help you host rich meetings and events online; cloud file storage and sharing capabilities so you can collaborate from anywhere, and security and identity solutions to safeguard your business. At a moment when businesses are facing extraordinary health and economic challenges, we are pleased to bring our consumer and small and medium-sized business customers into this growing Microsoft 365 family.”

What This Means For SMBs

The name change from Office 365 to Microsoft 365 better reflects the integration between other service offerings that often blur the lines between clearly defined products. What this means for SMBs is that it simplifies all Microsoft product offerings making it easier for users to compare the different products and select the one that more closely aligns with their individual needs.

Below is a list of a few product name changes you should be aware of:

  • Office 365 Business Essentials is now Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • Office 365 Business Essentials is now Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • Microsoft 365 Business is now Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft 365 Business is now Microsoft 365 Business Premium

If you are wondering if pricing and plans for Microsoft Suites will be changing, the answer is no, the same plans are available, only with updated names. The price of these plans also remains the same.

The Benefits

You will see a number of many benefits you may not be taking advantage of that you have with Microsoft 365.

  1. Seamless coordination with the Microsoft tools you already have
  2. It’s easy to learn and straightforward to use with any time, anywhere access
  3. You can easily communicate and collaborate both inside and outside your organization
  4. It offers email, collaboration, and online meeting solutions
  5. Advanced security features to protect your data from malicious malware
  6. Flexibility for your business with pay-as-go options paying only for services you need
  7. You don’t need advanced IT knowledge to install
  8. Delivers reliability, availability, and performance with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, financially backed service level agreement (SLA)

Advanced Tools For Teamwork

With 1 TB of storage per user, you’ll have plenty of space for all your files. Because your files are stored online, in the cloud, you can share with people in or outside your company, from wherever you’re working, whenever you need to. With multi-party HD video, content sharing shared calendars, and team chat, you’ll always be in sync with all your team.

You can easily set up users and start using the services quickly and can access the easy-to-use admin center from anywhere to manage all your services. Working together with your local IT managed services provider offers convenient, turnkey solutions for installation, migration, and implementation of Microsoft 365. Call your local IT service provider now to take advantage of the many hidden benefits Microsoft 365 offers for your business to simplify your business operations.

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